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Russell Brunson
Here’s Why:
Because I Want YOU
To Make Money
BEFORE I Make Money!
And I’m so confident that when you see how you can build and launch your funnel IN JUST 14 Days or less, you won't want to use anything else!!
ClickFunnels was built with you...the entrepreneur, the business owner, the course creator, the speaker, the mind.
Because we know that you need just 2 things to ramp your business FAST:

1. Collect Leads
2. Generate Sales

And that’s exactly what ClickFunnels helps you do best. Pure and simple.

So you can EXECUTE FAST without having to jerk around and get frustrated with tech, design, page building, or coding.

Get your funnel up, running, and open for business NOW.
With over $4.1 Billion in sales processed through Clickfunnels… 
100,000+ users worldwide, Clickfunnels works!
ClickFunnels Stats
If this sounds like a CHALLENGE to get you to try us for 14 days for FREE...on my dime...then so be it.

I just threw down the gauntlet. Are you up to the challenge? 
Claim Your FREE 14-Day
ClickFunnels Trial RIGHT NOW...
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14-Day Trial To ClickFunnels
I’m tossing you the keys, so you can test drive ClickFunnels for two full weeks!
Do you get the POWER of what that means?
You could potentially build and launch your ENTIRE funnel, and have leads and sales coming in before you even finish your trial! 

So...what exactly can you do with ClickFunnels?

You can quickly create and sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads, and then customers... without having to hire or rely on a tech team!

With your 14-Day free trial, you can take ClickFunnels for a test drive, and build out pages and entire funnels that will work for your specific business!

In just minutes, you can create funnels that would have taken a tech team weeks to build!
(Talk about putting the power back into the hands of the entrepreneur!)

And with your 14-Day free trial, you can build as many funnels as you want!

You can build funnels that allow you to:
  • Build your list
  • ​Turn visitors into customers
  • ​Get your message out to a bunch of people all at once (like a webinar, or a summit!)
  • ​Sell your high-ticket product or service for $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more!
  • ​And much more!
And, with our easy drag-n-drop style page editor,

You get instant access to ClickFunnels (and your ability to start creating funnels!) the moment you start your free trial!   
And That’s Just For Starters!
Because When You Claim Your 14 Day FREE Trial…
You’re Also Going To
Get Access To:
Huge Bonus #1:
One of the BEST and BIGGEST Marketing, Sales, Funnel Strategy, Business Building, and Personal Development Trainings on the Planet!
No matter where you’re at in your business, I want you to feel CONFIDENT and SAFE knowing that you’ve got the ULTIMATE TRAINING'S at your fingertips to ENSURE SUCCESS with your ClickFunnels trial. 

That’s why I’m giving you SPECIAL access to our high level training as well… 
Go Ahead, Dig In!
If you’re someone who’ll stop at NOTHING to get what you want in life...

Then use your 14 Day Trial wisely and devour any or all of these ‘closed door’ trainings inside FunnelFlix, the “Netflix for Entrepreneurs”...

Because we’re opening up a Special “Channel” just for you! 

(SUGGESTION: There’s a method to the madness, so for best results, go through these trainings in order)... 
Here’s some of the courses you’ll get access to inside FunnelFlix when you start your FREE trial...
1. Product Secrets
Privileged Access
Product Secrets
The FIRST training you’ll get inside FunnelFlix is called Product Secrets...

And there is a very specific reason why I opened up this course for you to watch… 

See, there is a shocking similarity between nearly ALL of the Funnel Hackers who decide not to continue with ClickFunnels after their trial ends… 

It’s NOT that they don’t love ClickFunnels…  

It’s NOT that they don’t know how to make easy funnels and pages… (we’ve designed it for the average non-techie entrepreneur who doesn’t know how to read a single line of code, just like me). 
It’s that they DON’T have a product to sell yet!
I don’t want that to be a hurdle for you a moment longer!

So inside Product Secrets, I will walk you through 27 different ways you can quickly put together a product to sell online...

If you have no idea what to sell just yet, or you know what to sell, but you’re having trouble figuring out a cool or sexy way to package your product together, then THIS is the perfect place to start!

The best part? You won’t have to wait around months or years to complete your product…

In fact, you can use these product-creation ideas that I share to help you create your product in just ONE WEEKEND!

By the end of this training, you should have PAGES of notes, and at least 27 ways to make your product! All YOU need to do is pick one that resonates with you, and start creating!   
2. Funnel Builder Secrets
Privileged Access
The next course that you’ll get instant access to is Funnel Builder Secrets!

This is a MASSIVE training program that we put together when we launched ClickFunnels.  
In just the last few years, we’ve sold over 10,000 copies of Funnel Builder Secrets, for $1,997 each! 
You can watch all the training videos inside Funnel Builder Secrets for FREE with your trial!
And just to give you an idea of how insanely effective this course is…
This is the EXACT training course that Brandon and Kaelin Poulin used when they started their journey from “dead broke” and grew their LadyBoss company to well over $10MM in just 3 years!
As soon as they got this $1,997 course, they started consuming it step-by-step, start to finish…

They followed this training to a T!
In fact, the way they explain HOW they used this training is really interesting (and I firmly believe it is the key behind their massive success with this course)…

Listen to Brandon and Kaelin explain the secret behind how they used this course...
I’m going to give you access to the SAME video course work that Brandon and Kaelin used to grow their LadyBoss business into a giant online empire over the last 3 years!

That way, you can follow in their footsteps, and consume and implement the training in the same way that allowed them to have so much success!

You get access to all the Funnel Builder Secrets videos for FREE today inside FunnelFlix when you get started with your free 14-day ClickFunnels trial... 
(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team through our help desk, and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)
3. Ad Skills with
Justin Brooke
Privileged Access
The THIRD course you’ll get instant access to with your 14-day free trial is AdSkills!

Once you create your product, and build your funnel, the next piece of the puzzle is TRAFFIC. 

And Justin Brooke is the KING when it comes to learning how to drive traffic through ads! Justin was my very first intern way back in the day, and he used that time to learn EVERYTHING he could about how to drive more traffic using paid ads.  

And over the last decade, he’s made it his mission to geek out on traffic, and it paid off! 
This is now the same system and training that my world-class traffic team uses to drive our paid traffic at ClickFunnels! 
In fact, Justin has spent over $10 Million in ad spend, testing what works (and what doesn’t).

In his AdSkills course, Justin will teach you paid ad strategies for all the digital platforms worth advertising on…

Justin will show you the traffic-driving strategies for: 
  • Bulletproof YouTube Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Facebook Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Instagram Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Adwords Ads
  • ​Bulletproof GDN Ads
  • Bulletproof LinkedIN Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Twitter Ads
  • ​Bulletproof Landing Pages
  • Bulletproof Native Ads
And, he’ll equip you with everything you need to know about the foundations that lay the groundwork for successful paid ads, regardless of what platform you choose, like:
  • Ad Tracking 101
  • ​Traffic Maps
  • ​Market Research Blueprint
That’s 12 Trainings, And 436 Episodes
you can binge-watch to master the art of paid ads! 
And you get access to ALL of it inside FunnelFlix during your 14-day FREE trial of ClickFunnels!
4. Tony Robbins
Private Collection
Privileged Access
I’ve been so lucky and blessed to be friends with Tony Robbins for over a decade now…

Not only have I had the chance to be business partners with him, but he’s come to speak at our Funnel Hacking LIVE event multiple times!

I met Tony many years ago during a tough time in my life when I was struggling in my business, and my marriage… 

Tony came and helped me REWIRE my brain to help me become more successful in each of those areas of my life that I was having trouble with.

Now, for many of you (if you’re anything like I was), you might be wondering, 
“But Russell, how do I GROW my business?”  
But the real question you should ask yourself is,
“How can you get all the NOISE out of your head   that’s doing you a dis-service, and holding you back?” 
Recently, I paid Tony a TON of money to come to Funnel Hacking LIVE event, and do a presentation for our Funnel Hackers. 

(I’m not allowed to say how much exactly, but it was WELL over $250K...)  
During his presentation, Tony taught our entrepreneurs how to get all the junk OUT of their head, so they can zero in and focus on what will make them successful with their businesses and funnels.

It turned into a 4 ½ hour presentation, with hotseats, and journaling, and mindset exercises. 
As I experienced the transformation taking place inside the giant conference room, I knew that I needed to share this with as many people as possible.   

So I asked Tony,
“Would you be willing to let me put this presentation into our FunnelFlix Channel, so our Funnel Hackers can watch and benefit from your training?  
Finally, after some negotiations, he said YES!

But he didn’t just stop there…

In true Tony fashion, he wanted you to have the FULL package of training resources to help rewire your brain for success...  
So he threw in a TON of other courses as well! 
(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team through our help desk, and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)
That means, when you start your 14-Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels today, you’ll be getting instant access to the full Tony Robbins Private Collection of trainings inside FunnelFlix!

(That’s 7 training courses, and 43 episodes of sheer transformational value!)
So...what exactly is inside Tony’s Private Collection?
Training #1:
Tony’s presentation from Funnel Hacking LIVE
This is the 4 ½ hour training where Tony worked with our Funnel Hackers to create massive transformation in just one afternoon! Let Tony guide you from where you are business and in where you want to be. One of the factors that will determine your results is your “threshold of control”. 
Training #2:
CAREER: Find Your True Grit
Are you working for a paycheck on your life’s mission? Are you ready to discover your true potential, deepest talents and world-class skills, so you can attract a life of abundance for your family? Get on the path you were meant to walk...starting TODAY. 
Training #3:
Energy For Life
Imagine a life of extraordinary health, boundless energy, limitless vitality, and the joy of truly feeling ALIVE! Can you imagine how you’d feel if you could sustain this level of energy every day?

And the power, drive, and momentum to create with your family and loved ones? In this training Tony will unlock the secrets to optimal health and energy for life right now.  
Training #4:
Love And Passion
Love. Passion. Romance. Intimacy. What’s it like to experience these emotions at the highest level, day after day? What’s the SECRET to sustaining love and passion in a relationship for 20, 30, 50 years or more? 

And what can you do RIGHT NOW to create extraordinary relationships in your life? In this training, Tony will help you rewire your brain so you can attract the romance and passion you’ve been waiting for... 
Training #5:
The Edge
Everyone wants “The Edge”...a life filled with purpose, passion, love, direction, and strength. But how do you actually get it? And where you do you start?

Inside this training, Tony will show you how your beliefs, actions, behavior, emotions, and psychology affect the results you get in life...and how to truly set yourself up for success in anything you set your mind to.   
Training #6:
Time Of Your Life
Every day, there are so many choices at your fingertips… 

And sadly for many entrepreneurs, they go through life working HARD, and feeling so unfulfilled. Distraction is the ENEMY of focus, and it can prevent you from achieving what you really want.

The Power of Focus will help you realize your true purpose in life, so you can zero-in on the actions that will get you the results you’re looking for! Tony will share with you his Massive Action Plan to help you go after and achieve what you want!    
Training #7:
True Wealth
What does “wealth” mean to you? Is it freedom from ever having to worry about money again? Is it being able to do the things you want to do, when you want to do it? Is it providing for your family and loved ones? Or the power to create a legacy you can be proud of? 

In this training, Tony will show you the secrets to creating TRUE wealth... 
It includes all the training you need to help rewire your brain, so you can be successful in your business, and your life!   
100+ Funnel Templates
Yep! I’m including 102+ insane done-for-you, ready-to-go funnels, so you can hit the ground running TODAY!

All of the pages inside these funnels have already been created and professionally designed for you by our in-house design team!

That means, you get the QUALITY of our world-class professional design team (some of the very BEST designers in our industry!), without having to:
  • Pay upwards of THOUSANDS of dollars for each funnel, or
  • ​Wait weeks or months for a funnel to be finished!
The moment you start your free trial to ClickFunnels, you’ll have instant access to an entire LIBRARY of funnels that are already done, and waiting for you to choose from!

All YOU need to do is plug in your own copy and branding.

In fact, you can choose pre-designed funnels to help you: 
  Generate Streams Of LEADS 
Want leads? A big fat list? You can get it.

Users have sucked prospects in like a Hoover...and the floodgates opened! 
  Turn Visitors Into BUYERS  
Finally put an end to the hiccups and hangups at the checkout counter so your customers whip out their credit card and breeze through the buying process with a smile on their face.
  Sell Your Book
Got a book? You’ve come to the right place with these FREE + Shipping 
Funnels. PLUS, you can make a killing on your bump offers and upsells.  
  Run A Webinar
Rock registrations and offer sales right out of the gate. And once you nail your presentation, create an “autowebinar” and let the funnel do the work selling for you.  
  Launch A Product
Ready for all your hard work to pay off? Then slip your content into these Product Launch funnels, email your JV partners, tap into your list, and turn on the  selling faucet.  
  Sell A High-Ticket Product Or Service
Want to sell $5k, $10k, or $25k programs or services? The answer should be “I DO!” We made it EASY for you to bring your ideal Dream clients to your doorstep so you can close the sale. 
  and Much More! 
(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team through our help desk, and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)
Funnel Hacker Forum
I’m inviting you to be a part of our PRIVATE Funnel Hacker community. This is a special forum EXCLUSIVELY for active ClickFunnels members.

What exactly goes on inside this forum?
Imagine having a lifeline of THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs just like you that you can connect with, call on for help, and get business and funnel advice from...
You can start conversation threads and ask about:
  • List-building…
  • ​Lead generation...
  • ​Funnel-building…
  • ​Traffic generation…
  • ​Copywriting…
  • ​Design…
  • Product creation...
  • ​Offer creation…
  • ​Ascending your customers...
  • ​Follow-up funnels…
  • ​...and pretty much any topic around building your business online!
In fact, I love the Funnel Hacker Forum so much, I’m personally in there all the time sharing my own thoughts, strategies, and ideas!

PLUS, my team of experts are inside the forum as well (I’m talking TOP experts who do our copy, design, traffic, etc…)

You can ask as many questions as you want, and get advice and ideas from ME, my team, and the rest of the forum community!
(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team through our help desk, and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)
Here’s Everything You Get Access To When You Start Your
14-Day FREE Trial!
 14-Day Trial To CLICKFUNNELS....... (Priceless!!!)
 Product Secrets...... ($97 Value)
 Funnel Builder Secrets........ ($1,997 Value)
 Ad Skills........  ($498 Value)
 Tony Robbins Private Collection........  ($997 Value)
 100+ Funnel Templates........  ($1,997 Value)
 Funnel Hacker Forum........  (Priceless!)
 FREE Book Funnels Templates
 FREE Webinar Funnels Templates
 FREE Product Launch Funnels Templates
 FREE High Ticket Funnels Templates
Total Value: PRICELESS! 
Get Started Today For FREE!
(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team through our help desk, and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)
Oh, and in case you're wondering...
“So you’re really giving all of this away for FREE?  Isn’t that kind of crazy?”
Not really...

There are actually a few reasons I’m doing this... 

First, it's my way of saying thank you for being willing to give ClickFunnels a try. 

But more importantly, my hope is that once you start using ClickFunnels to build funnels of your own and see how powerful of a business tool it really is, it should get you excited to stick around as one of our ClickFunnels members in the future. 
That’s it.

That’s my crazy ulterior motive.   

Well, that, and I just really want you to see how cool it is. :)

Sound fair?

From here, you’re just a few clicks away from instant access to the tools and training resources you need to get your funnels built and launched!
I can’t wait for you to try ClickFunnels out for yourself, and see just how easy and powerful it really is!

Click on the button above to get started with your 14-day free trial ClickFunnels, (and everything that comes with it), and we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch my video. I hope it has been incredibly eye-opening and helpful for you!]


Russell Brunson

(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team through our help desk, and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)
P.S. REMEMBER: You can waste a ton of time and money paying hiring out a tech team to get your funnel built (and wait potentially weeks or months, while the launch of your funnel is literally in their hands)...


You can take the power back, and build your own funnels, with a system that’s specifically designed for entrepreneurs (not techies) to use! And you can get your funnel built and LIVE in as little as 10 minutes... Your choice. 

P.S.S. If I was able to use this SIMPLE funnel-building system to create pages and funnels in minutes… 

Without being a “tech wizard”...

Without knowing how to read or write a single line of code…

...then so can you! This decision is yours…

Get Started With ClickFunnels For FREE...
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